Rejected eHarmony Match of the Week

So this week's Rejected eHarmony match of the week is.......


That's right.  I have been rejected!  Can you believe it?  Neither can I!!

I got matched with 'David' on Wednesday morning.  By the time I got to work he had already requested communication from me.  We emailed several times throughout the day.

On Wednesday night, I got home and had some household chores to attend to - cooking myself dinner, among other things.  Also, the Beans were needy and the blog wasn't finished for Thursday or Friday and I had some work to do.  Therefore, when 'David' emailed me on Wednesday night, I did not get back to him.

I emailed him on Thursday morning.  When he asked me why I hadn't emailed him back Wednesday night, I explained to him that I had stuff to do, including the blog.   We emailed throughout the day and he asked me if I'd like to meet next week.  I said 'sure' and we made plans to have dinner this coming Tuesday.  When I got home on Thursday night we emailed back and forth several times and his last email said that he had his daughter this (last) weekend.

Friday was a HUGELY busy day at work- you know, where I practice law.  I was putting out fires all day.  On top of that, my stove was on the fritz and I had someone coming to look at it so I had to take off a little early.  Then I had Beans to attend to and then I had dinner and then I had emails from work to deal with things that came up after I left.  And, you know, I wanted to watch the season finale of 'Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders:  Making the Team'.

Needless to say, I did not email 'David' on Friday (and he didn't email me, either).  I figured since I was super busy and he had his daughter and we had never actually, you know, met each other, I'd just email him on Sunday to see how his weekend was.....

On Saturday morning I got up to this (entitled 'Goodbye') and apparently sent to me at 1:36 a.m.:

I have gone ahead and canceled dinner.

Have to say having time to 'blog' but not respond to my e-mail only shows to me lack of interest in me and excitement in developing something real..

I'm sure you are very nice, but I feel I have made a mistake...

I will say goodbye, take care and good luck...


I have to say, I was a little stunned.  After all, I'm usually the paranoid, neurotic, needy one in all my non-relationships.

I guess I really blew that one, didn't I? 

And I mean I was planning to quit my job, give up all my hobbies, sell the Beans and dump all my friends later in the week so I'd have time to wait by my computer for 'David's' emails.  I just hadn't gotten to it yet.....

Clearly, I'm not the girl he's looking for. 

In case you're keeping a list, we have another item for it:
  1. No gym rats
  2. No campers
  3. No nancy boys
    Image:  78o by Jaqleen Bleu Photography.


    1. Wow. I mean, wow. He sounds like he already had the silver pattern picked out for your upcoming wedding. Psycho!

    2. Yeah. I'm just a little flabbergasted. How much excitement am I supposed to have about someone I've never met?

    3. I think you dodged a bullet, my dear. Clearly, this man has too much time on his hands to be concerned about why someone who he has never met has not emailed him back in what he considers to a be a timely manner.

    4. Wow is right. You definitely dodged a bullet on that one. Clearly the poor guy has no life, and just sits by his computer. Certainly that would have driven you NUTSO in a matter of weeks, and you would have had to dump him anyway. Thank God for small favors :)

    5. Omg this is ridiculous! I love that he put blog in quotation marks. Lovely. Like it's a figment of your imagination. You should send him this post. What an idiot!

      I have to say I've had experiences like this too. Where they demand your attention every moment and you haven't even met. It's not like you were avoiding him! You were writing him a lot. You just happen to have a life outside of him. No nancy boys for sure. Next!

    6. Yes! I thought I was giving him the exact amount of attention that a stranger in my life deserves! I was so, so wrong!

    7. Holy cow! Someone is way too needy. Definitely dodged a bullet on that one.

    8. Boy, he certainly did you a favor. I bet he's the jealous type too!! He WOULD be jealous of your dogs, your friends, your job, your independence, and don't forget your "blog", the list would go on and on. Sounds like my ex-husband that I dumped 35 years ago, and he was violent as well.


    9. Oh, Wanda! I'm sorry your ex was ugly! I'm glad you dumped him, though. I agree. I think 'David' needs more than I can offer him.

    10. Oh The Nerve of the man- Wayyyy to needy & Rude! I wonder if he is searching trying to try and find your blog now ;) Goodluck with it all. Samie

    11. I have a feeling there will be all too many eHarmony matches who are all to happy to wait by the computer for David!

    12. I do, too. Reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    13. nancy boy. Holy crap that's funny! I work with a girl who has only met guys who still live with their moms, guys who are between jobs and guys who live with their moms & are between jobs. lol


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