Happy Monday

So - y'all know that EVERY weekend in recent memory has been absolutely perfect.  Weather wise.

So of course, the one weekend I have to drive up to West Virginia - it snows.  Yes, I drove through snow on Saturday and let me tell you, I was NOT happy about it.  I'd rather do just about anything than drive in snow.  It scared the bejeezus out of me. 

And of course, Sunday the weather was absolutely beautiful again.

The good news is, I made it to my sister's shower and was happy to have been able to be there.  And the other good news is that we made it home in one piece - it took a while longer but we were safe and that's all you can hope for.  The rest of the good news is that the new car just did beautifully in the snow and that's nice to know.

Sunday I spent the day catching up - Target, gas station, car wash, Teeter, cleaned the house, did the laundry and walked two Beans numerous times.  And I watched Casablanca again on TCM.

Finn and Lola were troopers this weekend, by the way.  They spent Saturday with The New Mr. Barr, whom they love.  Finn got some good 'man time' and Lola Bean loves Mr. Barr, too.  And we were so happy he was able to Bean-sit.   They had to wait until Sunday for their Teeter-Bones (what we call rawhide chews) which they usually enjoy on Saturday,  a great personal hardship for them. 

I think this is going to be a good week.  We are celebrating a victory at work by enjoying Price's Chicken Coop on Tuesday.  Big doings.  If you're not from Charlotte, we'll talk a little bit more about Price's later in the week.

So thanks for stopping by.  Cheers to a great week.

xoxoxo - Tonya

Image:  Winter by Ninotchka Beavers.


  1. Price's??? YUM! The BEST frid chicken EVER (I do wished they served biscuits though, those white rolls just don't cut it)! When I visited CLT recently for Eddie Ross' Metrolina tour, my friend from NYC and I got 2 boxed lunches from Price's and ate them in the car like there was no tomorrow. Even nice civilized gals can lose control once and a while ;)

  2. That makes me happy. Think of me tomorrow during lunch, when I will be doing the same thing!!

  3. So the car did okay in snow? I have the same car, I think, but we haven't had more than a dusting up here in Richmond. Yet.

    I can't wait to hear about Price's, reading O.K.'s comment about fried chicken is making me drool.


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