This Charming House

Our curtain rods finally arrived from Restoration Hardware!

I like the way they turned out and they are very sturdy and were easy to install.  I did it all by myself and I didn't have to ask anyone for help.


After a lot of thought, I decided to go with curtains from Ikea, instead of the ones from Pottery Barn.   It turns out the color was almost the same as the Pottery Barn ones, but they're not lined, which is OK.  I like a lot of light in the sunroom but I really like the softness that the curtains add.  It feels more finished in there now.


  1. So pretty! And you nest looks so cozy.

  2. I'm very grateful for it! And thank you for your sweet comments. It always makes my day to hear from you.

  3. Very impressive! Isn't it always fun to complete a DIY project without asking for help? I find that most often I don't succeed, but when I do I am so very proud of myself.

    I adore sheers. I have them in my dining room, and I agree that a sunroom is another perfect location for them :)


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