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As you've probably all figured out by now, I am a VERY habitual person.  I'm habitual.  My dogs are habitual.  We have a habitual existence.

I've been wearing Child Perfume for about 7 years now.  Although typing that just now, it doesn't seem like it's been that long.

Shortly before a trip to New York all those years ago, I read about it in a magazine and so I upon reaching The Big Apple, I ran over to Henri Bendel to check it out.

Now there have been places and times and situations in my life where I have been reminded that I am from West Virginia.  My first trip to Henri Bendel was one of those times.  I innocently approached the helpful salesperson and asked about it and she directed me to the "Mezzanine" and told me that Chad would help me with Child.

I found the Mezzanine (no small feat) and Chad was delighted to sell me a bottle but not before several breathless locals ran up and excitedly said something to the effect of "I heard that you had Child back in stock and I ran right over."

I figured if New York women were RUNNING to get it, and I actually happened to arrive just as it had come back in stock, I should probably buy it no matter what it smelled like.  I mean, clearly, I was on to something.

So I bought it and I love it still.

Perfume is hard for me.  So much of it smells good on others or in the bottle, but not so great on me.

Child suits me, so I have it shipped in from Philadelphia twice a year.

(I also love that you can't just go buy it in Charlotte.  I still feel like I'm on to something.)

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  1. Nothing better than finding a fragrance that suits you!


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