The Weekly Bean

Miss Bean says "Hi".

Yesterday, she and Finn Doggie got picked up by Miss Beth from Wags in the City and taken off to playgroup for TWO WHOLE HOURS!  And a ride in the car.  You can see the pictures here if you scroll down to the bottom. 

Finn was naughty and tried to play rough with some Boston Terriers who he didn't understand.  He had to go on the leash for a while.

Then Lola followed his bad example.

They worked it all out in the end.

This is what I had last night, after they were able to hobble up the steps and take their dog aspirin (something their vet gives them for achy-ness.  PLEASE don't give your pets people drugs!!):

Finn sacked out in the new cheapy puppy bed from IKEA, which is beloved.  They still have no use for the designer one that I paid $150 for. 

Lola didn't even make it into the room -  just her snoot. 

And then there was lots and lots of heavy snoring.

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