Happy Friday!

Hey, everybody -

Just a quick post to tell you all to have a great weekend. 

I'm headed off to Raleigh on Saturday to check out Furbish and Hipsteria Modern and any other trouble I can get into.  I'm shopping for pillows and sit around stuff so it's untelling what will come home with me. 

On Sunday I'm going over to check out the 2010 Symphony Designer House sponsored by the The Symphony Guild of Charlotte.  And I'm going back to have brunch again at LuLu - because it was so much dern fun last weekend!

Oh - and somewhere in all this, I'm gonna clean the house, wash the clothes and try to squeeze in a nap.

So sit around on Sunday morning and drink an extra cup of coffee.

And I'll see you on Monday.   
Image:  Industrial Decay by Tricia McKellar.


  1. Hope you had a great time visiting Furbish! I am dying to check it out sometime. Thought of you on Friday afternoon when I popped into Anthropologie at the Chelsea Market. I remembered that you have a penchant for the Eiffel Tower and Anthro has the cutest Eiffel Tower ceramic/Italian pottery plate that I thought you might want to check out...if you do not own it already! :)

  2. They had a three foot tall Eiffel Tower at an "antique shop" (read really cool junk shop) in Raleigh. I restrained myself, though!! I'll check out Anthropologie, though.


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