On Being Grateful

I watched House Hunters International on HGTV the other night.  They were in Tel Aviv.

Gosh, what a beautiful city!  It's very modern, very beautiful.  Right on the Mediterranean. 

The young woman who was searching for her home wanted to live in downtown Tel Aviv and was looking at new and modern apartments.

As I was watching, I noticed all of the questions about the safety of the building.

And then I realized, all of the apartments had bomb shelters.  You know in the apartment.  They usually set them up like a big extra closet or a spare room, but each little apartment had it's own bomb shelter.

I'll say that again:  Bomb. Shelters.

Reinforced steel and concrete bomb shelters with separate air vents "in case of attack".


They were all so cavalier about it.  Being attacked, the very real possibility of being attacked is a fact of life to them. 

And once again I was shamed by my own failure to be grateful enough for my country.  For our freedom.  For our way of life.  For the safety that I take for granted.
Image:  Window Dressing from the series Tel Aviv Views by Too Artful For You.

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  1. I think we are all guilty of failing to remember how incredibly lucky we are to live here.


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