Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum

On our one day of 'tourism' in Key West we stopped by the Hemingway House.  I'm kind of in love with it.

Before I went there, I expected a large mansion, what I found was a small and charming island house.  And I could imagine myself living there.

I snapped a few shots.

Here is the dining room.  I especially love the arched windows, the periwinkle paint and the Murano glass chandelier.  The architectural details throughout the house are quite beautiful and the floors are creaky. 

The door through to the kitchen.

This is a shot of the turned bed in the master bedroom, complete with sleeping 6 toed cat.  They have the run of the place.

A long shot of the upstairs hall, looking back toward the study.

A view of the grounds from the upstairs porch. 

This is Hemingway's typewriter, in the study above the pool house.  Again with the cool blue paint.

And this is the lovely, lovely pool, which is my favorite place on the grounds.  I can imagine myself getting up in the morning and having coffee by the pool, underneath the palm trees. 

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