Happy Monday!

I had a great weekend!  I hope you all did, too. 

I hung out with friends and shopped all weekend. 

Several trays were purchased, along with cute melamine bowls, a sheepskin rug (with which Finn has developed a jealously adversarial relationship - I think he thinks it's a big, fuzzy rawhide and in any event has attacked it twice when he thought I wasn't watching), flowered beach towels, a garden hose and a precious, petite and priceless pig!  You'll have to wait until later in the week for the full story on the great Bee Charmer pig expedition of 2010.  But I'll just tell you, he's one charming pig!   

I also had brunch at Lulu on Sunday, which made me extremely happy.  It included Creme Brulee french toast, really good coffee and a peach Bellini.  Nothing makes a girl happier than champagne brunch on Sunday.  Nothing. 

I hope to have a better week at work this week than last.  The week after you get back from vacation is particularly brutal when you're a lawyer.  The Law Gods don't like people who take vacations and we are punished when we return.  I think that I may have crested the top of the mess on Friday afternoon and I hope to continue to make headway this week. 

Wish me luck!
Image:  Sparkling Gerbera by Davita Photography by Jamie L. McCoy.


  1. Oh Lulu!!! How I loved Lulu!!! I used to live very close by in PM. It was one of my favorite restaurants- I remember when it opened back in 2006, I believe. How is their business doing? Is Dish still around? I used to love their mac-n-cheese and chicken and dumplings for a big splurge meal. :) Glad you had a lovely weekend!

  2. Lulu is alive and well and packed for brunch yesterday. And The Dish is still dishing - as far as I know. I like their fried green tomotoes in the summer.


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