The Must Haves

I'm not a huge believer in shower gel, at least I wasn't until this stuff came into my life. 

I just love it.  It smells so good in the shower, just enveloping you in a cloud of steam and raspberries, but the smell dissipates immediately, which I like.  I enjoy the smell in the shower, but I don't want anything competing with my perfume. 

It leaves my skin so soft of hydrated.  I just love it. 

There have been so many mornings when it's been cold or rainy or nasty outside, or when I haven't slept well, or when I know I have a challenging day ahead of me and I've stepped into the shower and just for those few minutes treated myself to this lovely shower gel.  It's just a nice little pick me up.  

And I have to have it. 


  1. Does this come in a different scent that hydrates just as well?

  2. It comes in a bunch of scents. I like the citrus-y ones like Key Lime Pie or Margarita in the summer. The Cinnamon Buns one is nice. Vanilla Birthday Cake is a nice birthday present for yourself or others. I like ALL the chocolate ones. They have Pumpkin Pie, which is nice for Thanksgiving. I don't really like the Orange because it reminds me of Orange Pledge, but that's the only one I've ever tried that I did not enjoy.

  3. Yum! I love Philosophy body wash!!


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