The H Word

You all may have noticed that I refer to myself as a "hillbilly" from time to time.  And I do and I am.  At least in my own head. 

A couple of weeks ago, during the basketball tournament, one of my college friend's Facebook friends posted a comment and referred to our team as the "Hillbillies" instead of the Mountaineers.

The top of my head blew off.

While it is true that I may safely refer to myself, my family, and any number of other people as hillbillies (if you're reading this, Matthew, I am talking about you), it makes me furious when non-hillbillies use the word.

It's not done.  Unless you are one, you may never use the word and not cause offense.


I said it.

White people can't ever use the "N" word and those who are not of Appalachian descent may not use the "H" word.

Consider yourselves schooled. 
Image by Walker Evans.

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