This Charming House

I think the title of this post might more properly be called "This Charming Pig."

On Saturday, my darling friend and I went pig shopping.

That's right.

You remember that I posted about Hello Gorgeous' fabulous house pig a couple of weeks ago and I wanted one for Chateau Bee Charmer.   And I wanted an occupation for Saturday afternoon.

Thus, a plan was sprung. 

So on Saturday afternoon, fortified at lunch by a lovely Honig Sauvignon Blanc, we headed into the fray at Home Goods in Blakeney on a pig expedition.  We were in search of spray-paintable pork.

Home Goods in Blakeney is not for the faint of heart.  Don't go in there on an empty stomach.  And let me tell you, being about half-lit made it much more enjoyable. 

We shopped around for the longest time and at the end came up with a soap dish for the guest bathroom (me) and three new cat food bowls (darling friend).

But no pigs.


We were disheartened.

We decided to go ahead and get the stuff that we did find, but then we took one look at the line and decided that we didn't want the stuff that much.

It turns out that we made a fortuitous decision, because on the way to put the cat bowls back, we found the pigs!!

And they were gorgeous, fat little cast iron pigs.  They had 2, so we each got one.  The last two pigs in Home Goods captivity!  I could tell the other shoppers were jealous.....

Unfortunately, they were price-less pigs.  As in - no price tag.

Of course they were.

Undaunted, we got in the never ending line and worked our way up to the front, where we became those most beloved and anticipated Home Goods Shoppers - the ones who needed a price check on aisle 8.

We marched up there, plopped our merchandise down and announced that our pigs were price-less, that we were on a pig mission and that we were there to negotiate for some pork.  They dispatched a helpful sales associate who came back shortly to report that the pigs were $9.99. 

Well don't just stand there, sugar honey baby cookie dumplin'!   Wrap 'em up. 

This is what my pig looked like when he got home, after a short stop off at Michael's to buy some chrome spray paint. 

Idn't he cute?  Look at his little tail!

And here he is now, all chromed up (notice the quuuu-hute tray)!  I'm telling anybody who asks me that he cost $400.00.

I just pulled that number completely out of my butt.

That is the end of the pig tale.  I must tell you that I had an enormous amount of fun shopping for him and if nothing else, he will remind me of a happy day spent with a darling friend.


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