Happy Friday!

Hi, Guys.

So I have a confession to make.  You may have already figured it out, despite my best efforts to skunk you all.

I'm in Key West.

Are you surprised?

I pre-blogged most of the week so you wouldn't miss me and I wouldn't miss you.  And crazy internet blog stalkers wouldn't know that I wasn't home - although the Beans are home with their Nanny.

Yes, the Beans have a Nanny.  They are, for the most part, too rotten to be boarded.  For the most part, they're too rotten to live, and as I tell them all the time, the only thing more ruined than they are is my Aunt Edie's pomeranian.  But that's a whole other story and it's not like y'all haven't already figured out that Finn and Lola are ruined.  

Anywhooooo - I'll be heading back tomorrow and as much as I have needed and enjoyed this holiday, I can't wait to be home.  This not an indictment of my traveling companions, my destination or anything else.  I'm just a homebody. 

I think that coming home after being away may be my favorite part about going away to begin with.

Right now I am fairly craving my house.  I miss it.  I miss my quiet rooms and the light through my windows and my coffee pot in the morning.  I also miss my shower and my garden tub and the pillows on the bed.  I swear, I wish that Hilton would give you one good pillow instead of 6 worn out little feather pillows that you have to mash together into a little pillow pile to make a decent pillow.

I know, I know.  I'm high maintenance.  In my defense, the sheets here are fine but I'm pillow picky and these aren't cutting it.

I'll blog more about the trip next week.

Think of me on Saturday while I am indulging in our favorite form of American sado-masochism - commercial air travel.

And I'll see you all on Monday.
Image:  Home Sweet Home by Violet Bella Photography.

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