The Usual Suspects


  1. I have a very similar looking "toy box" for my dogs- too funny! In fact, we have the vertical grinning thingy in blue. Do you have Lil Cuz or Bad Cuz? My dogs love to sit around for hours squeaking away on those things. Warning, it's rather annoying :)

  2. We call the vertical grinning thingies "Bobos" at our house and they never live for very long. If you look closely at the purple one, you can see that he's been gutted from the knees down. I don't know about Lil Cuz. I'll have to look the next time I'm out. Lola doesn't really have much use for the toys. They are mostly for Finn. Although when Lola does take interest, it's to kill them. Finn just squeaks them until he kills the squeaker and then moves on.


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