Black Friday

I was pretty good on Black Friday.  And I didn't buy any Christmas presents.  I'm not ready for all that yet.

Baby steps....

I did pick up a couple of things on line, though.

First, I got a Flip video camera from Amazon.

I've been thinking about getting one for about 8 months and when I saw that they were going to be on sale for $99, I decided to go for it.

Y'all can all look forward to a few Bean videos in the future....

And then I got a couple of things from Talbots because all their accessories were on sale at 50% off.

First, I got these three-quarter length gloves:

I've been looking at them since August or something.

And then I got this, a faux fur neck tube... that's right, I said faux fur....

I'll admit, the faux fur neck tube is a little bit excessive for the Carolina League, but I get sick of the same old, same old.  I want a little glamour in the New Year.

And I had $25 in appreciation dividends so it ended up being $49.

Not bad for leather, silk lined gloves and a faux fur neck tube.


  1. Those gloves are to die for! Congrats on your most excellent purchases.

  2. The neck tube is really called a cowl. I swear. Also? I wish you would have called about the Flip. My sissy needs one :(

  3. She should try Amazon. It's probably still on sale. And Talbots called it a 'neck tube'.


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