The Weekly Bean

Here's a shot of Mr. Snaggle Tooth....

Alternatively, he's telling his friends that he got it knocked out in a bar fight or got hit in the mouth playing hockey.....

He believes that these are plausible explanations, given his Welsh heritage. 

His ability to eat, however, is not in any way diminished, lest y'all worry about his ability to maintain his weight.....

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  1. Hee hee...I had a similar vision about 3 AM this morning. Rufus' little "night night" (bed) is next to my side of the bed. I heard "snort, snort" and a few sneezes and some very vigorous writhing going on. I guess he had a bad itch. So I hissed at him and I got...well, what that picture of Finn looks like, except with a lot more white eyeball visible and lots of teeth. Little rascal.


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