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I have to say that I spend a lot of time looking at wallets.

You know, I have this purse fetish which applies not only to purses, but also to the stuff that goes in them - including wallets.

I know, I know.... I've tried rehab.  It didn't work.

I cannot specifically account for the handbag portion of my problem - I've just always loved them.

The wallet part, however, can be traced to a single source:  Charlie's Angels.

Yep.  There was this one episode where Kelly reached into her bag and did not pull out her .38 snub nosed revolver, but instead pulled this perfect little tan, french purse wallet out of her bag.  It was so perfect and organized and elegant and I wanted it.... 

I still do.

The problem is that I find most available wallets to be inelegant.  Coach, Kate Spade - even Louis Vuitton.  They're big and fat and heavy and zippered (I'm sorry if you like zippers, but they make my eyes twitch). Blech! 

So I was happy to see these darling and very elegant wallets from Tiffany.

In Tiffany Blue Leather:

Or, if you've got a few spare (more than a few, actually) bucks, you can get it in Red Glazed Crocodile:



  1. Oh my. That blue one is heavenly. I have the same complaint...found one from Coach years ago that met my criteria and now the poor thing is so used it's starting to split. It's embarrassing but I can't find anything I like as well as that one! But now....hmmmm.

  2. Wow. That blue one is gorgeous...and it wouldn't get lost in my purse!

  3. The regular leather comes in several colors and is priced at around $400, which isn't that much more than Coach and Kate Spade and if it lasts for 10 years, it's worth it. Mine is Longchamp and it's about 5 years old and starting to show it's age - but I love it....

  4. I do love my Kate Spade one and although it does have a zipper I overlook it because I love it so much. It's black with subtle sparkles. $485 is a ridiculous stupid amount of $$ for a wallet when you can sped $90 for one on sale at Kate when it's very similar with a zipper.

  5. P.S. Tiffany one has zippers too. :(

  6. I embrace zippers! Mine zips all the way around and has compartments for everything. Mine is Levenger and I love it.


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