The Weekly Bean

Lola Bean has asked for permission to just randomly dress up as a bee from time to time and appear here in 'The Weekly Bean'.

And because she's too cute to live and I couldn't think of a single reason to say 'No', I said 'Yes.'

I swear, I could chew her ears off.  Or maybe I should say her cockeyed antennae....

I am so lucky that I get to be her Mama.


  1. She is the most beautiful bumble bee ever!

    I told Louis that there was a corgi who was also a bee this year. And that a corgi was what I had wanted to add to our little family. A girl corgi. And she would be his sister. I told him all about Lola. And he hid his face under the couch.

    I believe he is a bit jealous of your pretty, pretty princess.

  2. Finn was incredibly jealous of Lola when she first came and he still pretends that he could take her or leave her - but they are in love with each other. I am sure that Louis would work through any initial reluctance...

  3. Oh that Lola :-)....she is something else, Bee....One of my favorite posts of yours was a piece describing their two very different personalities, wide open Finn, and the ever-looking-at- you Lola....simply darling...Thanks for sharing !

  4. Thank you, Lois. Lola is very darling. And she's also a mess!


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