Random Pretty Man

My best friend and I have two lists as we get older:  Men who are aging well and men who aren't.

Some men, Rob Lowe being the best example, seem to get more and more good looking the older they get.  Mr. Lowe was too pretty when he was younger (in my opinion) but a few lines have made him much more - I don't know - substantial....

Others (who shall remain nameless) are put in the other category and most often pronounced "jowl-y". 

But this post is not about Rob Lowe or the jowly.

This post is about Mr. Jon Seda.

Now, I remember Jon from Homicide: Life on the Street - like 15 years ago.  At the time, he just looked, I don't know - stupid.

So imagine my surprise when his hot self popped up in The Pacific.

Y'all, I said 'WHO is that?' and then I Googled it and then I said 'Jon Seda?!?!?  Really?!?!?  He looks that GOOD?!?!? Dadgum!!'

So now I'm in love with him....

I hope I am aging as well as he is.


  1. He's been on Hawaii 5-0 lately too. Cause, you know - CLEARLY they are in need of some more prettiness.

  2. Idn't that the truth? Those other guys on Hawaii 5-0 just aren't providing enough pretty to us!


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