Feeling Thankful

Of course, this time of year, we all take a moment to consider that for which we are thankful.

Although I thank God for all these things every day, I thought I'd take a moment to tell y'all what I'm particularly thankful for, both today and everyday -
  • My family and my darling friends
  • My precious, precious Beans 
  • My home
  • My health
  • My job and my health insurance
  • Dr. I - who saved my life
  • The moon and all the stars
Now, having said this, I am also particularly thankful for some not so big stuff and I try to be thankful for as many teeny tiny things as possible.  These include -
  • The hot water in the the hot water heater
  • A full pot of coffee every morning
  • My bed, my sheets, my pillows and my coverlet - I am the most thankful-for-my-bed person you'll ever meet
  • My lightbulbs (seriously, I'm very thankful for them)
  • Clean towels in my closet
  • A full tank of gas in the car
  • My blanket - it's actually a comforter from J.C. Penney that I bought when I was in law school and I love it
  • fig newtons in the cupboard
I hope everyone will take a moment and give thanks for all the good things in your life - both the big things and the little things.  It is by focusing on what we have that we find happiness.

xo - Tonya
Image:  Heart Strings by Moonlight Photography.


  1. We are all thankful for your blog and the work that you put into creating candid, interesting, thoughtful and fun posts. Happy Thanksgiving!


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