Just Like Heaven

This is one of my favorite songs of my whole life.

I still listen to it twice a week.

In 1987 I took my grandma and we went to the mall and I bought Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me on cassette.  In Bluefield, West Virgina. 

*heavy sigh* 

I have it in my head that Robert Smith was cool back then as opposed to now when he just looks bloated and sweaty and sad and his hair has fallen down. 

But he looked kind of bad back then, too, didn't he. 

Bless his heart. 


  1. I bought this tape when I was a freshman in college because a guy I was dating liked it. I listened to this song over and over when we broke up. This brought me right back to that time. Aaaah...young love.

  2. Oh, man! Break up song!!! That's the worst.


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