Corgi Flop!

You corgi peeps out there have almost certainly seen this.

And y'all can watch it again.

The non-corgi peeps really need to see the corgi flop.

Remember, we don't love them because they're aerodynamic.


  1. I watched this over and over and over one day. Louis needs a corgi sister. Not that he isn't fabulous, but he is afraid of water. Everyone needs at least one aquatic canine, I believe.

  2. I have one acquatic corgi and one not acquatic corgi. Finn will jump in. Lola will not. She did, however, wade in once and attempt to herd some swimming geese. She was not very good at it, though. It was hysterical to watch her try. They were gliding along and she was doing all she could to keep her snoot out of the water.

  3. Rufus adores swimming. When he was younger, I took him to a dog playschool during the day (yeah, no kid yet and disposable income...those days are gone!) and they had a swimming pool there. He would literally run other dogs out of the pool so he could get it for himself. He looks like a little red alligator, it is hysterical!

  4. I love how their little bunny butts just bob along behind them when they swim!

  5. I don't even have a corgi and I just love them! They're so sweet. And this video made me laugh. Cuteness!


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