Happy Monday


This is what happened here this weekend:

Friday Night:
  • eHarmony date.  It went OK
  • Episode 3 of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders:  Making the Team (on the DVR)
Saturday Morning:
  • Up at the crack of dawn to shop at Belk,  didn't buy anything, although I looked carefully at the handbag selection
  • Breakfast at the Original Pancake House - French toast and bacon
  • Crate and Barrel to look at Christmas ornaments and coffee makers
  • Came home and walked 2 Beans
Saturday Afternoon:
  • Nap
  • Laundry
Saturday Evening:
  • Tinkered with the blog
  • Watched Season 2 of Project Runway - really just the good parts
Sunday Morning:
  • Walked 2 Beans
  • Coffee
  • Watched Season 3 of Project Runway (my favorite)
Sunday Afternoon:
  • Ikea - returned cow skin rug
  • Sleepy Poet - nuthin'
  • Picked up groceries at the Teeter
  • More Project Runway Season 3
Sunday Night:
  • More Project Runway Season 3
  • Three Hours worth of lawyer work, brought to my home in a banker's box, while being constantly harassed by Lola Bean.  Apparently, she disapproves of lawyer work done at home
So that's it - a weekend in all it's Autumn glory.  Fairly productive and way, way too short.

Oh - and the time changed, which I love and hate.  Love, love, love it on the first morning.  It seems so completely luxurious and sort of almost naughtily delicious to have a whole extra hour on a chilly fall morning.  Then, by the afternoon, the day starts to feel long and by bedtime I feel like I've slogged through mud.  I know some folks are sad about less daylight but that goes with the season.  I try not to complain about it, because in my experience, it doesn't change anything.  So I just try to embrace it.  It gets harder as the winter goes on, though.  

But for now, I have no Court this week, which is a fairly nice development.  Here's hoping its a good week.

Image:  When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple by Amanda Keaton Photography.

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