Happy Friday


And I mean that, sincerely....

Yesterday, I packed up a box of work and came home from my office a couple of hours early because I was feeling achy and crampy.  I decided to lie down on the bed in the air conditioning....just for a few minutes.  Anywho..... four hours later, I woke up feeling a little dazed.  I think I really needed to rest.  The funny thing is that I wasn't all that aware of feeling tired.  I mean, I've been feeling overwhelmed this week but I had no idea.  I'm hoping this bodes well for my work productivity tomorrow.

And I'm happy for the weekend.   

Big doings here at Chateau Bee Charmer this weekend.

Tonight my friend and I are going over to check out Bistro La Bon, about which I've heard good things.  Then my friend is staying all night here and we are going to Asheville tomorrow morning to see what kind of trouble we can get into up there.  We have no real plan, other that to walk around downtown and be tourists all day.  We are also hoping it will be cooler up there than it is here - ON THE SURFACE OF THE SUN!  It is so freakin' miserable in Charlotte right now.  Hopefully, the mountains will be more pleasant. 

This trip is made possible, in part, by the darling people at Wags in the City, who will be stopping by to take care of Finn and Lola while I'm out of town for the day.  They have been a great blessing to me, as they have really enabled me to free up my weekends for day trips.  I don't trust just anybody with Finn and Lola and Wags in the City are great!!  If you're in Charlotte and you need pet sitting services, please check them out. 

So y'all all have a good weekend and try to stay cool, wherever you are.

And I'll see you on Monday.
Image:  Green White Orb by Inlet Images.

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