This Charming Closet

Did you guys know about this

This is Jake and he has/had cancer on his leg.  His mama launched this campaign to sell enough of her so-cute-you-can't-even-stand-it aprons in order to pay for Jake's treatment. 

I got a pink one.  And Jake is being (very successfully, I understand) treated for his cancer. 

Go.  Buy.  Cook.  OrJustStandAroundInYourKitchenWithACocktailLookingCuteAndEatingChipsAndPretendingToBeGwynethPaltrow.


  1. I'm probably the only person who reads this blog who didn't realize that Jake was a dog until I clicked on the website.

  2. This is a great idea. I purchased one!

  3. Poor, sweet Jake! And what is up with that Gwyneth Paltrow??? She is just too perfect!!!

  4. I love and hate Gwyneth Paltrow. I just saw advance pics of her upcoming spread in Vogue and she's in the kitchen in an apron (and a couture gown) in one of them. We can pretend, can't we?

  5. I read the article and looked at all the photos two days ago. The writer reports that Gwyneth actually knows what she is doing in the kitchen- she has super sharp knives, impressive knife skills and a book coming out with 100+ good recipes. The writer also mentions that she is even more beautiful in person. Is there anything this gal can't do?? Oh, and her kids were charming and well behaved. AND, they just got a family dog. Sigh...


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