Procrastinators Anonymous

One of the things that I really dislike about myself is my tendency to procrastinate. 

I know that I do it.  I know that I get stressed out when I do it.  Then I get stressed out.  And I procrastinate.  And the more stressed out I get, the more I procrastinate.  And the more I procrastinate the more stressed out I get.  And that stresses me out even more. 

Damn it.  

*heavy sigh while blowing my bangs out of my face*

It's really bad when you're annoyed with your own self, isn't it? 

I'm trying to cut myself a little break because I really have PMS and I look and feel like I would imagine a three months pregnant water buffalo looks and feels.  

Only with cuter shoes.

I'm just gonna go to bed and start again in the morning....
Image:  Industrial Throwback by Ardent Photography.


  1. Oh I so understand this inner conflict. This is one trait that annoys me in other people and in myself. You would think I would change it...but I guess I am putting that off too.

  2. I'm usually much better at NOT doing it. I really usually nip it in the bud. But not this week, man. Not this week.


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