This Charming House

I planted flowers this weekend!

Yeah, it went the way it always does.

I start out optimistic.

I go to the Garden Center and get mostly overwhelmed.

I come home with a car load of stuff (either too much or too little - this time it was too little and I had to go back to the garden center.)

I start digging in the dirt.  I get hot.  I get sweaty.  The bugs begin to feast on me (it's because I'm so sweet, I know).  And I end up hot, sweaty, bedraggled and itchy.

But this is what my stoop looks like, complete with door wreath and new welcome mat from Target.  I composed the pots myself, of which I am very proud.

And here is the patio beside the door.  Ferns, English Ivy and pink impatiens.  Freshly watered. 

And after it was all finished, and the surfaces were swept and the plants watered and the broom and garden spade put away, I did what all Southern girls do at a time like this.

I came in the house, turned down the air, took a hot shower and mixed myself a libation.

It's the best part of gardening.

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