My Favorite Mistake

Finn was undertaken with a great amount of careful planning and sober contemplation.  Budgets were created.  Experts were consulted.  Family members were polled.  Quizzes to match my life style with the appropriate dog breed were taken.  Books and many, many supplies were purchased.  Finn was not an unplanned pregnancy.....


Lola came here only because of a serendipitous phone call;  only because I wanted her, even though I had no earthly idea about what I would do with her.  She was a whim, a lark, a frolic, a lapse of better judgment.  She was a stupid, stupid thing to do.   I did not need her.  I could not afford her.  She was difficult.  She had no use for me.  She stirred up trouble.  She caused problems.  She turned out to be incredibly inconvenient....

She is one of the most poorly thought out and worst decisions that I have ever made.  

And you can clearly see that I suffer for it every single minute of every single day....

She is the deliverer of joy. 


  1. and she is so cute; your love for her is so obvious and wonderful!! sometimes poor decisions often are blessings in disguise! I have said in the past God knew exactly what he was doing when he had son find Koda online when we were looking for a corgi because he knew we would need a funny silly dog that makes us laugh through some of our darkest seasons.

    glad you brought her into your household!


  2. She is a great blessing to me. As is Finn. They are just very different.


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