This Charming...Toad?


On further research, it appears that our little patio frog is not, in fact, a frog, but is an American Toad.

And I think she is a girl because her throat is light.

Yes.  This is what I do.  Having accepted that the toad is going to be living on my patio, I have become attached to it and therefore am doing internet research so that I can support it, if it needs me to.  Although I still don't want it hopping on my foot. 

So.   This means that yesterday's poll is right out, because we only went with "boy" names.

Now we have to do a new poll for girl names and here it is:

1 comment:

  1. I picked Remy. lets hope she doesn't end up hopping into the house, that would scare me just a bit. Maybe I can send the lizard that is always scaring me over to play with your toad :)



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