Public Enemy

This is Pepper (our neighbor's c.a.t.)

He is our arch-nemisessisieisieesss.   And when we say 'our', we mean Finn. 

He's Finn's arch-nemisessisieisieesssss.....  Lola and I don't so much care, we just want to be supportive.

*Lola just looked at me and nodded while I wrote that*

Almost every evening now Finn and Pepper have a Mexican Standoff from opposite sides of the fence.  Each of them is just convinced if it weren't for our fence or Pepper's harness (which, by the way, he hates and is obviously bitter about) they would kick each other's asses... 

This is Finn, keeping an eye on the c.a.t.


  1. Koda is on Finn's side with the cat. If he lived by Finn, he would come over and organize how to get the cat. where we used to live, the cats would always come by and tease Koda, always out of range where they knew he couldn't get to them. Shameless they were on what they did and the grief they caused him. Surprisingly though, God sent a cat to save Koda when he was being attacked by a Boxer


  2. Cats will step in when you least expect it. They are funny because they just lay out there and stare at each other...


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