Citizen Bee Charmer

So - my old passport expired at the end of November and I sent off for my new one...

It made me sad - to technically not have a passport.

But the new one came in the mail yesterday and I love it more.  It's 'stiffer' than the old one and seems a little more high tech.

They didn't send the old one back, although the letter said that my 'evidence of citizenship' may be returned to me in a separate mailing.  I kinda want it back - so I hope they send it. 

But the government being what it is, it may take a while.

That's OK, though - 'cause I'm goin' to Paris this spring!

1 comment:

  1. Paris?!?! Je suis tellement jalouse.

    I would want my passport back as well. I earned each of those little stamps damnit!


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