Song of Solomon

My next book is Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison.

Although it is not on my "New Years Resolution List" - I've found that I'm doing so well with it and my book club list that I've decided to start a third reading list - one that is less rigid.

Song of Solomon was given to me as a gift by a dear friend and I have not yet read it.  This week, I started it.

I'm a little afraid of it because Toni Morrison is not easy to deal with.  She may be the only person in the world who has ever made me feel stupid.  I believe that she has been touched by God.  I am astounded that anyone has this kind of talent.

Wish me well?


  1. I loooove Toni Morrison. I'm pretty sure that she is a genius, and I will read whatever she writes and do whatever she tells me to do.

    Have you read Paradise yet? It's probably my favorite of hers, next to Beloved.

  2. I haven't read Paradise. I've read The Bluest Eye, Jazz, Beloved and now this one. I need to re-read Beloved because, I swear, it went right over my head. Of course I read it 20 years ago so maybe I could do better this time!!


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