Happy Friday!


Don't you love this picture?  I do, too.  I am looking forward to when the world looks more like this instead of cold and gray and icy. 

Can you tell I'm getting a little tired of winter? 

I try not to be, I really, really do.  And I'm much better than I used to be.  I mean, February used to be my 'suicidal' month.  I would just think I'd never make it. 

Now - it's just another month - toward the end of winter. 

Whats doing this weekend?  I am headed up to see my darling baby nephews.  The Jake is 8 but he's still a baby.  And The Liam is actually a baby - he will be a month old on Sunday.  I am not going for his one month birthday, though.  I'm just going to snugglebunny him. 

Y'all should probably brace yourselves for snugglebunny nephew pictures on Monday. 

So take care this weekend.  Stay warm.  Snuggle your siblings' children and most definitely snuggle your own.  Smooch your puppies right on the lips.

And I'll see you on Monday.
Image from here.

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