Wednesday - Run Away Without Leaving Home

My next door neighbor is at war with the Home Owner's Association. 

Basically, he's launched his own 'Shadow Government'.

One of his most devious and underhanded maneuvers has been to launch his own non-HOA sanctioned "Appetizer and Dessert" club - to which the management company is not invited. 

Yeah - that'll show 'em. 

Except that he can't spell "Dessert". 

So our neighborhood has (for almost 3 years now) an "Appetizer and Desert" club.... 
Image:  New Mexico by Lisa Chun.


  1. AHHH...there is nothing like the inner rantings of a crazy attention starved-in-thier-own-life neighbor! Glad to ear you and the bean survived this morning...I am still working on an appt for you-LA

  2. This is awesome. So very, very awesome.


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