Happy Anniversary, Chateau Bee Charmer

Today is the third anniversary of the day I bought Chateau Bee Charmer... an exhilarating,  frightening, and fateful day - which capped off a week of crazy packing, sick puppy dogs and freezing cold air.

We went from cold, muddy and barely here...

To an empty shell...

To home...

We celebrate every year.

It was a day of dreams coming true and answered prayers and our home has been a joy and a blessing to us - everyday.

Happy Anniversary, little house.


  1. What did you get your house for your anniversary???

  2. Technically, the entry hall table ;-).

  3. Your home is beautiful and so tastefully done. You could have been an interior decorator! You really have an eye for it. I expect lawyering is a tad more lucrative with the way things are in the world today.



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