The Weekly Bean

Finn came to me over the weekend and expressed concern that he has developed a reputation here on the blog as a bit of a bon vivant - and he feels we may not have presented a fully accurate representation of his character.

Yes - he's a twink and yes, he wears a 'rep tie' and yes, he enjoys a nice red wine any time he can finagle his snoot down into a glass.  

But his Mama is from West Virginia and he can drink beer with the best of the Mountaineers. 

He wore his hat for y'all today - so you could see what he looks like over the weekends.....

He could fit right in at any tailgate...


  1. BAhahahahaha...thank you for this. Thank you so, so much :)

  2. You have NO idea what I went through to get this picture.

  3. We never thought Finn was a twink but we do think he is the life of the party. We imagine there were alot of treats involved in the photo shoot and we mean ALOT!

    Love, Dozer and Cooper

  4. More like begging, pleading, cajoling.... He thinks we're playing a game. And he is the life of the party. Really.


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