In my continuing efforts to watch more movies I sat down last Sunday to watch Summertime, a 1955 movie starring Katharine Hepburn and man, am I glad I did.  

I've long been a Hepburn fan but this is a movie that I had never seen before.  She is beautiful, the clothes are beautiful, Venice is beautiful and Rossano Brazzi (one of the sexiest, most gorgeous men you've never heard of) is totally beautiful, too.  

Frankly, I spent most of this movie lusting for Mr. Brazzi and wishing that he was still with us today in all his hotty hotness glory.  But Venice in all it's most beautiful glory certainly was a treat, too.  

This was a lovely little escape.

If you want to get away and enjoy an entertaining, beautiful film go out and rent Summertime. 

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