Random Pretty Man

The other day I rewatched one of my favorite movies:  Something's Gotta Give.  

And I just have to say this:  Who would choose saggy Jack Nicholson over this?  I mean, my God.  

I know he's probably not all that smart, but he's just so pretty.

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  1. Can I just say thay I LOVE this movie?!! Diane Keaton is SO charming and funny and gorgeous, and the last scene is SO marvelous. I'm not normally a fan of Jack Nicholson, but when he (SPOILER ALERT!) looks around the restaurant with such pride on his face because of his family--I just melt.

    I think I like it so much too because of its message. That you CAN be a charming, funny, gorgeous older woman (with TWO men in love with you--but you don't need them to define you because you are successful on your own, although it wouldn't hurt!)

    P.S. I have the soundtrack on my iPod too! Je l'adore!


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