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So, I finally broke down and bought some new flatware...

You know, when you get married, this is the kind of thing you 'register' for.   And when you're unmarried,  you're generally just screwed until you break down and buy it yourself.

That's one of the hardest things about not getting married.  As a girl, you dream not only of 'Prince Charming' for lack of a better term, but you also dream of the house you'll share and the lovely things that your loved ones will buy you as wedding presents.  The china.  The crystal.  The silver.  The primo coffee maker.

When Prince Charming didn't show up for me (or rather is just unpardonably late, as I prefer to think he is) you have to come to terms with the loss of all those other happy dreams.

After the 'divorce' and when I was coming to terms with all that, I also came to terms with the fact that if I was going to have a beautiful house, I was going to have to put it together without the showers and gifts that other people have gotten the benefit of.  Gradually, I've gotten the bar ware, the serving plates, the nice china and lately, the glasses, but the silver has been elusive.

What I had came in a box from K Mart.  Martha Stewart.  And I really loved it for a really long time.  Like the rest of the stuff I bought during that dark time, I was immensely grateful to have it and it represented a step forward and a building block to me.  But I only had 8 place settings to begin with and over the years I'd lost a few of those pieces.  I have actually spent a fair amount of time going around to K Marts and trolling eBay looking for another set of the pattern I had.  But to no avail. 

About three years ago I began to look around in earnest for replacement flatware but really couldn't find exactly what I wanted (which, frankly was pretty close to what I already had, just more of it and a little heavier).  I was unwilling to plunk down the dough for something that I liked less than my existing Martha Stewart K Mart stuff. 

Then I found the Cirrus flatware at my happy place, Crate and Barrel.  (Y'all can feel free to make fun of the fact that my house looks like a Crate and Barrel catalog - I know.  I can't help it. But again, feel free to mock me.)


I love it and it came 8 place settings to a box for $89.99.  So I bought 2 sets.  It was the cheapest I've found and it's exactly what I wanted.  Now I have too much flatware and had to put some of it in the upstairs closet.


  1. I think I am going to throw myself a shower....I have given lots of baby, bridal and divorce gifts. It is time to get a 'I am single' gift.

  2. I would support that plan. And if you invited me, I'd come and I'd buy you a nice present! The "YAY! I DIDN'T GET MARRIED!" shower.

  3. Being happy with your flatware is important. Glad you found something you liked :)

  4. I live in this world of which you speak. Do you know that my dear father, God rest his soul, bought me my "wedding china" after the one who was supposed to be the one and I broke up? I was devastated, and threw myself on my bed announcing that I would never get married. And most of all, I wanted that damn china. And my father bought it for me. And I loved him even more, if possible, for that.

    But you are so right. It's the little things that we must buy all on our own. He also bought me some lovely flatware that I use every day. And it makes me happy. To know that I've stocked my house with such lovely things...all on my own.

    Mind you, should I find someone I deem worthy of marrying...I will most certainly be having some new sheets and towels and fresh baking dishes, and you know what I mean.....

  5. This has long been one of my favorite patterns. I'm curious to feel the weight... would love to the next time I'm over.

    Also, re: the "rust" people mention. It's not rust as stainless doesn't rust but rather pitting which is caused by hard water combined with citrus smelling dish detergent. To take care of them definitely use unscented; DON'T use lemon or orange.

    Just one of the things I learned while working at C&B.

  6. My previous stuff was 18/20 stainless and I never had any problems, so I am not anticipating any here. But thanks for the heads up!

  7. DSS - your comment made me laugh! Your dadday sounds a lot like mine. If they think they can throw some money and fix a broken heart, they'll sure try it!

  8. I meant to say "Daddy". Pardon my mis-type.


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