Happy Monday


I'm totally naughty today.

I was up late, eating, drinking and having a good time with my friend and I did not think about this morning's blog.   We were the only two people in Charlotte who not only didn't watch the Super Bowl but totally even forgot it was on. 

Can you believe it?  Well - it's true.  I chose interacting with friends over blogging and sports. 

Deal with it.

This morning Finn Burrito and I are headed off to the V.E.T. for our yearly checkup.  He's not happy to go and I'm not happy to take him.  Wish us well, please.

Oh - and the snugglebunnies of the nephews were postponed due to sisterly sickness - as in my sister (the nephews' mama) was ill.  So we are hoping for next weekend - if the weather holds.

Thank you all for stopping by!  Let's hope for a great week.


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  1. Awww...poor Finn. Louis has not been a fan of the V.E.T. since his unfortunately surgery that caused him to be listed as a NM, rather than just a M.

  2. Finn actually LOVES to go to the V.E.T. He views it as an opportunity to greet his public. They all make over him and he's generally just in heaven while he's there. He thinks the examination is just the Vet loving on him. She always goes on and on about how she can't believe how much he enjoys being there. He did NOT enjoy having his anal glands expressed the last time we had to go - but who'd blame him.


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