The Post Where Tonya Whines A Lot

I dropped my car off on Tuesday morning and they told me it would be ready on Wednesday at 3:30 or so.

Do you think that happened?

Um, no.  That did not happen.  Now they think it will be Friday.

Now, I knew when they told me that it would be ready on Wednesday that it would not happen.  But I maintained positive thoughts.  I was zen Tonya.

But when they called me with the news, I degenerated into 3 year old, pouting Tonya.  And Walter, the car guy, talked to me exactly like I was 3 years old ....

"You don't want us to rush on something like this and have it not be right, do you?"

No I don't want you to rush, but I want my car back NOW damn it!

I didn't say that, though.  But internally, I was slinging a fit. Internally, I was quite a sight.

You know, I've been really non-committal about the Infiniti up until now.  I kept telling myself (and others) that after the lease was up that I was going to 'go back' to something less fancy.

Well, darling readers, I have a Toyota Yaris rental car out there and I am here to tell you - you can't go back.

pout pout pout

whine whine whine

snivel snivel snivel

Please don't feel bad if you don't feel sorry for me.  Nobody else does, either.  But I just thought I would share my trauma.

So, my darling friend felt a tiny little teensy bit sorry for me and agreed to go to the mall with me after work to visit the handbags.  That usually makes me feel better.

We went by Neiman to visit the really nice bags - whereupon I met the Saffiano Lux Tote by Prada. 

Heavy sigh....

It occurs to me that I might be able to arguably buy it if I didn't have to pay for the car.
Image:  Better Car Care by Ydnar Imaging.


  1. I have a G37X sport edition that I love dearly. Adore, really. It's been one of the biggest surprises in terms of cars I've ever driven, and damn is it fun. I told The Huz the other day that next time, I'll probably get another one. And then another one. Unless I hit Mega Millions and then I'll get one of those and then a Maserati or something decadent like that.

  2. I was telling someone the other day that I felt I DESERVED to travel around Europe for a few months NOW. Not when I've retired. NOW.

    They said "T, do you believe that enough to sell your car to finance it?"

    That was pretty much the end of that. Because you cannot go back. We have unintentionally screwed ourselves into always having to drive such things. Because we are now spoiled. Grrr..

  3. I wanted the Benz, but I couldn't pull the trigger. I think that's why I haven't truly committed to loving the Infiniti. However, I think this separation has definitely made my heart grow fonder.


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