A Little Bean Update

So -

Somebody went to the Vet for her annual checkup on Friday and was - how shall we say this?

Less than fully cooperative.....

When she arrived she caused a commotion in the waiting room trying to get a rather large Labrador Retriever to play with her....

And then she refused to hold still when they tried to draw blood. 

You know it's bad when they Vet tech brings her back to you, opens the door, thrusts the leash at you, says "HERE" and leaves.... 

*heavy sigh*

Dr. Estes pointed out to her that they don't have this kind of trouble with Finn and Lola pointed out to Dr. Estes that Finn is a pansy and a suck up....

And she wasn't the least bit repentant.


  1. .....and Lola pointed out to Dr. Estes that Finn is a pansy and a suck up.... Holy Moses I haven't laughed so hard in so long! I didn't see that coming which I why I ended up with coffee in places I shouldn't have coffee.

  2. You didn't know that Lola thinks Finn is a pansy and a suck up? Well, she does. And just to be fair, Finn thinks that Lola is a bothersome troublemaker...

  3. Oh brother...I believe Lola would have the same opinion of Louis the Westie. He does break out the charm at the vet's office. However, she would be proud of him when he wriggles out of his harness and causes a ruckus in the neighborhood I believe :)

  4. Lola goes to great lengths to justify and/or deny her less than good behavior. And to be fair to her, she really is very, very well behaved at the vet, it's just that Finn is so remarkably well behaved at the Vet that she looks bad in comparison. He could be the poster boy for good behavior at the Vet. He doesn't get that he's being examined, he just thinks he's getting his due as the adored center of the universe. And I'm pretty sure that Finn, Lola and Louis would be fast and wonderful friends.


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