Hi! I'm the Bee Charmer and I'm Your Biggest Fan!

So I had a close brush with greatness on Saturday.  I met Barrie Benson, a local Charlotte interior decorator whose work and home have been featured in Domino Magazine!  Squee!

I just want y'all to know that I was not cool.

I totally fangirled out, right there in Interiors Marketplace!

I mean, considering what was going on in my head, I think that I pulled it together pretty admirably.  I don't think I come off like a stalker or anything.  I mean, I didn't get out my cell phone and take her picture, although looking back, maybe I should have.

Anyway - I was standing there waiting for my friend when this very normal looking woman came in to return some pillows that she had taken on approval and when they ask her the name she said "Barrie Benson" - and my head exploded.  I kind of tiptoed over there to make sure it was her and when I saw that it was I said:

"You're famous!"

How's that for an opening fangirl line?

And she turned and looked at me and I said:

"I'm sorry.  I heard you say your name and I saw your work in Domino and I'm such a huge FAN!  It's such a pleasure to meet you!!"

And she was incredibly sweet to me, considering, you know, that I'm a big, silly design geek fangirl who can't afford to hire her.

Anywho, in case you don't know who I'm talking about (how can that be?) here is her Domino cover and some pictures from her home that were featured in Charlotte Magazine.



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