John Mayer - Idiot

Somebody asked me last week what I thought about John Mayer and his Playboy interview, especially in light of his relationship with (the in my opinion, boring) Jennifer Aniston.

Well, as I've said before, I like his music and I think that he is a gifted guitarist, a talented songwriter and a decent singer.  

Past that, I think that he's an indiscreet, idiotic, immature 30 year old dumbshit of a guy whose been drinking his own Kool-Aid and that somebody's brother ought to kick his little ass.

I think he should accept the fact that, on some level, he will never live down "Your Body is a Wonderland" and stop being so ungrateful about that song because I'm pretty sure it's paid for some very nice real estate.  

I think that he should shut up about the women he's slept with, or not slept with, as the case may be.

I think he should take note of the fact that he is neither black nor starring in a Quentin Tarrantino movie and never use the "N" word again.  

I think he should shut up, stand there, look pretty and play his guitar, which is what he gets paid to do. 

As far as Jennifer Aniston goes, I think that any 40-ish person who chooses to date a child deserves whatever they get.  That is not to excuse his behavior, but as my mother says, you ought to know who you're laying down with. 

I was going to say more, but then I decided that it wasn't worth it.

How's that?

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  1. Your mother was right! Hopefully, all of the smart gals in Hollywood (all two of them- ha ha) have learned to steer clear of John Mayer lest he blab about them, too.


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