Happy Monday!


Hey, everybody!

Man, what an AWESOME weekend.  It was truly great.  

We enjoyed some lovely weather here in the Q.C.  It wasn't quite warm enough but hopefully, we're getting there.  

I spent Saturday shopping with my sweet friend, Sarah.  We hit up all our favorite Charlotte boutiques and got some cute stuff.  We especially had a great time at Isabella, Interiors Marketplace, Capitol,  BD Jeffries and Sleepy Poet Antique Mall.    I behaved myself so the damage was not too severe.  I bought a new Diptych candle (Baies, in case you care) at Capitol, a cute little faux snakeskin tray just like the one ISuwanne blogged about recently and a really cool glass and chrome side table for the sunroom which I snagged for $108.00 at Sleepy Poet (pictures will follow later this week).

On Sunday I got my monthly massage which was incredibly wonderful.  I love my massage therapist, Terri.  She is so completely great and cool and now my muscles are noodly, my energy is balanced and my aura is cleansed.  I swung by Ulta after my massage because it's over in the same neck of the woods and they had the Olay foaming facial wash for sensitive skin, which I kinda think is an urban myth because I can never, ever find it.  So I snatched up 2 because I'm almost out of the Clinique mild foaming facial wash that I switched to because I can never find the Olay.  

And then I came home, walked the dogs, blogged and made chocolate chip cookies (from scratch) for the office.  

I hope all of you had a great weekend.  I've got some fun stuff coming up this week, including meeting with a new decorator tomorrow night.  I am hoping that she can help me make some decisions about all the stuff where I am "stuck".  Let's keep our fingers crossed, OK?  

Oh, and confidentially to "Anonymous", I wore the good bra.  

Image:  Hydrangea by Sara Norris Photography.


  1. Love the Diptyque Baie candle- the best!! You hit up some really great stores. The next time I am in Charlotte visiting my in-laws, can I hit you up for some design store recommendations? I have been to most of the places you mentioned, but not the Sleepy Poet Antique Mall. I recommended Johnson & Johnson's Purpose Oil Free Moisturizer to you last week, but I should have also recommended their Gentle Cleansing Wash as well. It's gentle, water based, great for sensitive skin and it will definitely remove make-up and dirt from your face. Check it out! http://www.drugstore.com/templates/brand/default.asp?brand=9453&aid=336064&aparam=purpose%20facial%20cleanser&scinit1=purpose%20facial%20cleanser

  2. I looked for the Johnson & Johnson stuff but I couldn't remember the name. I'll have to write it down in my book. Also, I had just been massaged into a virtual coma, so I wasn't firing on all mental cylinders.

    The places that I like to shop are generally listed and linked down the sidebar under "Charlotte". If and when I find new stuff, I generally will blog about it. If you want to spend a couple of hours knocking around Sleepy Poet is a fun place.

  3. It was a good weekend, huh?! Had a great time shopping with you. You're now my official home decor shopping buddy- you find the best stuff!

  4. When you go to the drug store, you will have to look carefully for Purpose. There are only two SKUs, I believe, so it's not like there is a whole shelf section the way there is for Neutrogena, etc. I hope you like it!

  5. If it's anywhere near the Neutrogena, that's why I can't find it. I'm allergic to Neutrogena and I won't even go near it on the store shelves!

  6. Actually, J&J owns both Purpose and Neutrogena, but I promise you that Purpose is in a class by itself...nothing like Neutrogena which makes my skin feel crummy. Since Purpose only has two SKUs, it tends to be on one of the lower shelves...they do not get the premium eye level real estate like Neutrogena, Olay, etc.


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