This Charming House

This is what it looked like on my first walk through after it was framed in.  You know when it actually had walls and windows.

And on the final walkthrough.

And this is what it looks like now.

I read last week that Sandra Bullock had said that she didn't have a home until she met Jesse James.  And she married him at 40.

That just makes me sad.  Not just because it turns out that he appears to have been a less than faithful husband, but also because I don't think you should wait to have a home or to make one.

The dirty little secret of my existence is that I'm pretty much sure that I was born to be a homemaker.  Nothing makes me happier.  I love to do laundry.  To fold sheets.  I love taking care of Finn and Lola and spoiling those I love when they are in my home.  I want my guests to feel welcome and I want my home to be my place.  My safe, happy place.

And it is.

Don't wait to have a home.  Make one today.  No matter what.

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