Beast in the East

So in case you guys don't know, my alma mater, WVU, won the Big East Tournament on Saturday night and on Sunday was honored with a #2 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

Wow!  What kind of craziness is that?

I watched all three tournament games this weekend, which is remarkable because I'm not a sports girl.  It's also remarkable because watching the Mountaineers usually turns me into a miserable, nervous wreck.  But you know I did my deep breathing exercises and stuck it out.  I'm really quite proud of them.  Teary, even.

And then the next thing I know Country Roads is blaring from the loud speakers at Madison Square Garden.  Just, well, WOW.

I should stop here and tell those of you who don't know me well that I after I broke up with The Love Maker, I adopted a militantly "anti-sports" stance.  TLM was obsessed with sports to the point of ridiculousness and after the breakup I went the other way, building a girly little world full of pink art and pastel colors.  Sports were banned here, for the most part.

But I love the NCAA tournament.

To me, it's joyous.  It doesn't help that the entire March calendar is built around it here in North Carolina.  Usually, it's because either Duke or Chapel Hill are contenders.  Last year Davidson put on quite the show.  This year, the ACC is in tatters, Chapel Hill isn't even going to the NCAA and West Virginia (my darlings) are seeded number 2.

Again - I can only say wow. 

Anyway, I will probably say more as the tournament unfolds but for now I just have to say that I am so proud of our team, and their Big East win.  It was wonderful and we are so proud.


  1. Congrats! I think you guys will do well this year in the tourney. I am a Jayhawk, so maybe our teams will play each other?

  2. I can't think that far ahead! I'm a nervous fan!!


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