This Charming House

I thought I'd update y'all on the new stuff in the house.

First, the new photos for the dining room are back from the framers and, as usual, Corners has done an amazing job.  I bought these from Castle Cat Studio and their work is gorgeous and their customer service was excellent.  The mate to this picture is hanging on the other side of the door.

I know it doesn't look hugely different than what used to be here and the impact is further limited my my poor photography skills, but I hope you can get the drift.  The posters that used to be the first thing seen when you walked through the door have been replaced by, I think, really beautiful original art, so there ya go.

And it's my house, so deal with it.

I also scored and found a cute (and affordable) vintage-y side table for my sunroom.

Here it is beside the Barcelona chair, otherwise known as Finn's "man chair".

I have been looking for a little table for this room for years; almost from the time I bought the Barcelona chair.  I wanted something vintage but not iconic and I didn't want anything that I thought would compete with my Noguchi table.  I really like this little piece.  The chrome mimics the base of the chair and picks up on the chrome and glass console table in my dinette.  But I don't think it's too much.  Although it's leggy, the "X" base is very sturdy so I don't think the Beans could knock it over during a frap, which is important to me.  It is the absolute PERFECT size and I don't think I could have been any happier with anything if I had commissioned it.

It's $108 worth of happy!  Thank you to the incredible people at Sleepy Poet Antique Mall!


  1. I just love Corner's!!! Gotta keep the local people around...even with Michael's in the same shopping center.

  2. What is the subject of your framed photo? I cannot tell and am dying to know! Love your new table. :)

  3. Teresa-bug! The Corners people will tell you that you are not allowed to say the name of the evil place (Michael's). It's not done!!! I'm glad you love Corners. They deserve all the business they can possibly get. They are beyond wonderful.

  4. O.K. - The photo is "dark iris" I think, and you can see a better picture of it on Castle Cat's Etsy page. The other one is a coordinating one called pink iris. Or I may have flipped their names. In any even they are color pictures of Irises but they read almost like black and white.

  5. Aha- just checked them out on etsy...very chic!


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