Happy Monday


I hope everyone had a great weekend.

I have to be in Court this morning, a situation that I am not entirely happy about because I am a lawyer who prefers not to ever be in Court.  I wish I could take a book to amuse myself but judges frown on that.  Something about not being reverential enough to the Court's inherent authority to bore lawyers to death.  Ah, me.  At least it pays the bills.

Speaking of the bills, I bought the Kate Spade Neptune Avenue Stevie, which I blogged about last week.  I just went in to visit it and thought that it would be underwhelming in person.  But it's MORE fabulous in person and my friend The New Mrs. B said "Yes!  It's $300 worth of fabulous.  Buy it."  She's so dadgum bossy.  She is also a purse snot, like me.  We're purse snots together. 

Other than that, we had a low key weekend being layabouts and enjoying the weather.  I took Finn and Lola on several long walks (or, as Finn calls them, Bataan Death Marches).

Bless his little fat self, he just trudges along behind us on his little short legs, huffing and stopping from time to time to roll in the grass.  Finn rolling in the grass is just the best thing.  He makes it looks so wonderful that you want to get down there and roll with him.  Lola rolls too, from time to time, but when she does it, she looks like she's having some sort of a conniption fit.  Finn looks like he's in ecstasy.

The upshot of all the rolling in the grass is that they both stink like worms and I am threatening to take them to the dog spa next weekend.  They respond to this threat with a look that seems to say "Go ahead.  'Cause we will just go right back out there and stink ourselves back up."  I guess they are right.  The spa cannot compete with their desire to be stinky.

Image:  Breathe by The Jane Studio.

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