Wednesday - Run Away Without Leaving Home

I LOVE THIS!!!!!  I mean Love.

And there are SO many Eiffel Towers in my house it's ridiculous.  I'm sure people make fun of me about it behind my back.

And I have nowhere to put it.  Absolutely nowhere.

UPDATE:  I just totally went and bought this.  I thought of a place to put it. 
Image:  I Dream of Paris by Liz Rusby Photographs.


  1. Your friends are probably not making fun of you...they likely think that your obsession with Eiffel Towers is one of your endearing quirks. We all have them! :)

  2. You need to get a bookcase in a living space where people can see your taste and where you'll have more places to display art!

  3. And exactly where would I put that? I think I'd need a bigger house with more walls to hang all the art that I wish I could buy.


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